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Lounge C++ frozen by mod? [closed]

Seriously why is Lounge C++ being frozen by Mod Gordon? I mean really? Because we're not on-topic?
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Is it okay to create solicitous chatroom on the site?

There is a particular user who has created a particular chatroom where his intentions are very clear. He wants to attract attention of girls to the room and wants to chat with them. (Not sure if he ...
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flagging a chatroom which has no technical discussion (2)

Since my comment yesterday to an answer by Jeff to the question with the very same title seems to have gone unnoticed, I feel the need to post this officially. According to Jeff's answer, that room ...
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flagging a chatroom which has no technical discussion

Some chatrooms at StackOverflow involve in private and other sorts of discussions instead of technical discussions. Some, if in English or other languages(after translating using services like Google ...
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Is it chat-server abuse to create many redundant rooms for the exact same topic with the same audience?

This Q spawned from this chat session: Where Cole alleges that users are abusing the privilege of creating rooms I think that there is no need to have 8 separate Android rooms, unless we can show ...
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Chat room was deleted

I created a chatroom for general conversation on chat. It was called the Lounge(Psychology || Sociology) and it was for general discussion of life. I can understand why the room would be deleted, as ...
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Since I have access to chat, why bother to ask questions?

When, why or what are the reasons that motivate you to use the chat instead of the questions? I clearly see the difference between them, but I am sure that different people have different reasons. (...
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Can I create a casual chat room for my colleagues?

I like the chat room features provided here on SE. I am planning to create a public chat room (possibly, with my company name) here where my colleagues and I can hangout. The reason of this chat room ...
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Chat Is Extremely Off-Topic

Recently, I was on the bit-coin chat. I was trying to find info on mining algorithms. I was surprised at the amount of crap in there. People were on there talking about weed and such things that did ...
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Create chat room without specific topic

I am thinking of creating a chat room on Stack Overflow with my name and description: For any issues you need to discuss with me from the Stack Overflow - constructive criticism only As I make ...
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