Currently at school taking classes for a degree in computer programming, and always eager to learn new things pertaining to java, which is the language I've been "brought up" on in my programming classes. At this time, I'm currently completing an Associates, which I plan on taking up to a Masters degree at either Rutgers or preferably NJIT, depending on my options.

I'm also trying to pick up Ruby, and attempting to adjust to Ubuntu as well.

I work overnights as a convenience store clerk, and am an exceptionally avid gamer. I have probably played and have favorites in about every genre of video game out there. Reading is also something I do in my spare time - I prefer history (WWII being my most favorite - not only for the battle but also code breaking and computing at Bletchley Park), political theory such as Plato and Machiavelli, and general non-fiction such as Popular Science, the Wall Street Journal and my guilty reading pleasure Game Informer.

I usually spend my free time on TF2, DOTA2 or Minecraft, though I play tons of game ranging from retro to the most current if my system can handle it.

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