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  • C++
  • asm
  • OpenGL
  • GLSL
  • MySQL*
  • PHP*


  • MSDOS*
  • Win32
  • x86
  • Z80
  • i8051*
  • ATMega168*
  • AVR32 UC3
  • Cypress FX3*

work fields:

  • N-D systems (CAD/CAM)
  • gfx 2D/3D/N-D, rendering, visualization
  • Astro/physics simulations
  • robotics
  • 'real physics' high precision heavy duty machine control systems
  • HW/SW utilities
  • sensor-less BLDC
  • emulation
  • small games/puzzle solvers

preferred IDEs:

  • BDS2006 Turbo C++
  • Borland C++ Builder 5.0*
  • AVR32 studio 2.7.0
  • NASM*
  • Prometheus*
  • Z80 builder (own)
  • GLSL editor (own)

All items* means that they are not in active use anymore

Coolest commercial projects:

  • ATC system for aircraft simulators
  • real time N-D machine control systems
  • machine specific (CAD/CAM)s
  • custom heavy noise OCR system

Coolest non-commercial projects:

  • Solar ephemerids (gfx Astro simulation of solar system in real Time)
  • Z80_emu (ZX Spectrum and clones emulation in MC precision, zexall 100% correct)
  • ATMega168_emu (emulation)
  • Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer/Generator (Low frequency WAVEIN/OUT utilities)
  • optic_lab (physical correct optical simulation of refractors/reflectors)
  • RT Atmospheric Scattering GLSL engine (any viewpoint inside/outside atmosphere)
  • stereo 3D psychosomatic star map
  • non (analytic/interpol/aprox) RT function solver on Real numbers
  • non (analytic/interpol/aprox) N-D Integral solver (can integrate anything no restrictions what so ever) on Real numbers
  • OpenGL VCL system
  • RT Pseudo Random Number Generator (contorled by propabbility function)
  • SWIR to PseudoTrueColor convertor
  • BDS2006 utilities (app ini/translator)
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