I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and two years experience as a "Software Engineer" in medical device research and development. I'm proficient in a couple languages; Java, C++, Pascal. I've had a passing experience with countless others (but since I don't actively practice they are now mostly forgotten).

I've been coding since I was a kid - sometimes I do it for "fun" (but less and less). My first language was BASIC on an Apple II. Then I was really into "softcoding" for text based games (MU*), and then into "web design". My first programming class was in highschool; we were taught TurboPascal, followed by VisualBasic.

At university the languages used to teach computer science were C, Java, and Scheme. I also took a CIS course (through the college of business) where I learned some C# (but wasn't too impressed with the program; I would much rather ponder "what is computable").

In my brief professional experience I've worked mainly with C++ (Qt) and Delphi to create nice user interfaces. I had a brief experience with LAMP based webapps (and later with Spring 3 MVC). None of that really interests me (but thats what was required).

Currently I'm into Android development - its a hobby. I like to create things. I want those things to be useful. That work is available on fdroid (and the code on github).