I keep getting users with greater than 10,000 rep points showing up on the 'Low Quality Posts' tab (https://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts?pagesize=15&filter=day)

Can you just filter them out with the understanding that if you have more than say 5,000 points you pretty much know how not to answer a question?


I think it could be taken into account, but posts from high-rep users should still appear on that tab for certain reasons (answers that are nothing but a link, for example). I see a few answers that are there right now evidently just because they're very short. I agree that a 10K user should know if two lines of code answers the question, so I think those could be safely excluded.


Reputation is a rough indication of valued participation, but certainly not a guarantee of consistent quality. While we do now exclude posts that someone has indicated are useful, there's no way to earn your bullshit as far as the system is concerned.

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