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“Unsung Hero” requirement

The rule for Unsung Hero is

Zero score accepted answers: more than 10 and 25% of total.

I want to know what if a person accepted his/her own answer of zero score? Is this answer going to be used in the calculation for the badge?


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No, self accepted answer is not counted. Also deleted and wiki answers are not counted for Unsung Hero Badge Requirement.

Unsung Hero

  • gold; awarded once; same family as Tenacious (silver)
  • Have more than ten accepted answers with a score of zero, and have those zero-score accepted answers account for at least 25% of all your accepted answers
    • Only accepted answers at least ten days old are considered
    • Community Wiki answers, deleted answers, and self-accepted answers are not included in any calculations
  • Source: How long do Tireless and Unsung Hero badges take to be awarded?, a SO team member who checked the source code in chat

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