In JSF there exist tags with singular and plural names like <h:message>/<h:messages> and <p:column>/<p:columns>.

When attempting to search for my posts about <p:columns> using the keywords user:157882 p:columns, I got results including <p:column>, making it harder to find the specific posts.

I understand the reasoning very good and I actually like it, but this just doesn't work in this particular search. How can I explicitly search for the pluralized form?

Additionally, I tried to search for <p:columns> in code like so user:157882 code:"p:columns", but that didn't give any results.


Since it's always wrapped in code, the current search is: user:157882 "<p:columns>"

I'll be working on the punctuation-at-the-ends problem as soon as time allows, still moving infrastructure around at the moment. I want "p:columns" to work, it should work, we just have a parsing trade-off problem right now.

  • Yes, I figured it 3 seconds before your answer. Thank you nevertheless :) – BalusC Apr 5 '13 at 13:32

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