When I try to use underscore in my post, sometimes the preview displays my text in italics with no underscore. That confused me, and I have placed two underscores. Now the preview does not show the actual preview. For example, if I add underscore before the text, the text displayed normal text enclosed by a single star. (i.e. BOLD _italic italic)

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However, I don't know how to use * in my text if it is used to define italic text. (i.e. *ABC). How do I use underscores and asterisks in the Stack Exchange editor literally?


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_This is a test_

Here's what I'm typing to get this result:

\_This is a test\_

To use reserved characters in their literal form, simply escape them with a backslash. For an '*', I simply escape it:

\* <-- Escaped asterisk
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    should i change the tag if it is not a bug?
    – Shell
    Feb 28, 2014 at 5:53

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