The OData protocol was used in the past as a feature to get data from SE data dumps, but is currently lightly maintained since the Stack Exchange API is usually better.

The problem is that it seems to be unavailable for more than 9 months and SE devs consider this as a low priority issue. Quoting Nick Craver:

(...) if it breaks again due to another move or such we likely will not fix it. Supporting OData requires a lot of configuration and features in our environment that are otherwise not needed, it eats a lot of time (and somtimes resources) that are just really hard to justify given the usage it gets.

When you go to Stack Exchange Data Explorer and click in the queries tab, you can see a small image-link about the OData feature. Clicking on it (https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/atom) shows a 404 error page.

In this case, I believe that best solution is to hide this feature until it is fixed or SE decide to remove it. Letting people to find this error is not a good UX approach. Do you agree?

Showing where the OData link appears:


Side note: I believe that this can be solved by us through a pull request in GitHub, but it's better to get community approval first.

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My pull request was merged on Mar 27, 2015 and that was pushed, together with the recent changes needed for the Google Authentication, to production. Fixed and live in rev 2015.4.22.34

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