• Assume you are a user suffering some type of being banned, where if you try to suggest an edit. You will not be able to do so, and instead you get a message like "You are temporarily banned from suggesting edits - please review your edit history."

  • Navigate to anything similar to this:


  • Using the link "improve wiki tag" you will arrive at a page containing (only) this message:

    This post has been deleted - no more edits are allowed

  • Change 'reputation' to any other valid tag, eg 'new-user', and the same scenario can be repeated for that tag also (though its 'improve wiki tag' also varies of course).

Related feature requests:

"improve tag wiki" should be greyed out like "edit" while banned from editing appears to me as a way to prevent this scenario from happening.

Possible duplicate questions:

To avoid creating a duplicate question, I searched for misleading message wiki. The search results do not contain any question titles that seem related to my question here.

I also think this issue is not a duplicate of "When tag wiki excerpt does not exist, but tag wiki does, some messages/activities are misleading".

My Questions:

  • It appears to me that this message is at least misleading, if not wrong. No?
  • Shouldn't it display a normal error message indicating that the user is not allowed to edit due to an account restriction?
  • Why would it think that the post is deleted?
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    @ Pierre While you may be a fairly new user and (I assume) not a native English speaker, your bug report here is not actually about new users or non-English speakers in general. Tags exist to categorize the question's content, not the user posting it.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Mar 19, 2015 at 2:20
  • @animuson ok, 'that' is why, thank you, makes sense. Must be I missed that in the tour and/or that I did not study the help well enough yet. Also, with 'that' in mind, about the non-english-speakers tag: it appears to me that it's excerpt content needs updating, which says 'The tag non-english-speakers is for questions about posts made by non-english speakers and the issues surrounding these posts and users.' because this question was posted by a Dutch speaking poster, who knew that that info should NOT be part question. I might suggest a wiki excerpt edit whenever I'm allowed to do so. Mar 19, 2015 at 7:45
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    @Pierre.Vriens It doesn't need updating. It says it "is for questions about posts made by non-english speakers," not "posts made by non-english speakers."
    – NobodyNada
    Mar 27, 2015 at 1:37

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I assume that the misleading message is because of my assumption "user is banned somehow".

And therefor the message should rather be something like

... - no more edits are allowed

(pick whatever fits to replace the '... -' suffix I suggested here).

Maybe add some extra indication like "because your userid has been banned" (or some variation of that). Better still: consider these refinements:

  1. include the applicable values for rejects and approvals indicators mentioned in one of the answers in Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 7 days (which appears to be about questions and answers, not tags). In there it says:

    When deciding on whether we should ban or not, we now look at your last 7 days of activity. If (rejects - (approvals / 3)) >= 5, you will be auto-banned.

  2. try to rework the (apparent) hardcoded value of "7" (in "7 days") in actual days left, similar to what is suggested in Change message "Too many of your edits were rejected, try again in 7 days." to actual days (which appears to be about questions and answers, not tags). That could also partially address the feature request about Why is the ban for too many rejected edits so lengthy? ... Because in the given scenario where the message was shown after 2 days, it would have been 5 days ... (7-2=5 ...).

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