I just attempted to search for the IPv6 loopback address, ::1 which is analogous to IPv4's

Searches for ::1 are fruitless (top search result: Migrating domains with 1&1), while the searches provide some useful results. Adding quotes didn't help.

Obviously searching for just ::1 or isn't useful, but in combination with other terms it could be useful.

I don't know what, if any, support the search engine has for IPv4 addresses in general. It seems less likely to be useful as a generic search, so maybe none. I'd argue though that ::1 will be an important search term going forward.

While I'm posting, obligatory nag for IPv6 support for Stack Exchange.

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    This a specific case of a broader problem. For example if I wanted to search for << or -->, I would also have some problems. Sometimes what you really want to search for is a very specific string of characters, and many search tools seem to not support that.
    – kasperd
    Sep 20, 2015 at 14:32

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Assuming that it's formatted as code, code:"::1" seems to work. Otherwise you need to use SEDE with code like this:

select id as [Post Link], body from posts where body like '%::1%'

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