If I'm below 15 reputation, I can't alter the public score of an answer/question.

Suppose I gain the privilege by getting the required rep and vote some posts up. Then, for any reason, I fall below 15 and lose the ability to vote. What about the votes I already did cast?

Do post scores get altered by ignoring my vote, or will they stay the same? In other words, is losing a privilege retroactive?

If yes, what about when I gain my privilege back? Are my votes automatically restored, or do I have to cast them again from scratch?

I made the easiest example, but this applies to any higher privilege

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Your existing votes will continue to count towards the score of the question or answer. The only times when your votes are removed/cancelled (other than you doing it yourself) is when your account is deleted (unless, as ShadowWizard mentions, you've cast a lot of votes), and when so-called serial voting by you is reversed.

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    Actually when a user with many votes is deleted, the team might intervene and preserve their votes, as explained here. (This answer is not really wrong, but also lacking this info.) Commented Apr 10, 2016 at 13:42

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