The achievements dropdown is not showing all the rep I earned:

enter image description here

The question was asked and answered today. I have not hit the rep cap. I have never seen caching be an issue in the dropdown before. I first noticed when the question was accepted - I saw it on the main page as accepted, but I had no rep gain from that, so assumed someone else's answer was accepted. While I was loading the page, my profile, the page and so on, another upvote came in. Yet through these events the dropdown continued to just say +10. Even when the tag badge appeared, the rep change stayed the same.

  • and I can see (because the page updates itself) that I got an upvote here, but the dropdown is completely unaware of it. – Kate Gregory Jul 6 '16 at 13:22
  • Yeah, looks like the achievements dialog is borked today, see this other bug. Probably something went out of synch somewhere. :( – Shadow9 Jul 6 '16 at 13:23
  • My rep gains on main meta aren't showing up in my global inbox (though the new privilege I just gained here is). Not sure about any other sites. – Rand al'Thor Jul 6 '16 at 13:24
  • Just seems delayed. It now shows me +5 (for 1 upvote) though the question is at 4 upvotes – Kate Gregory Jul 6 '16 at 13:25
  • I just had this problem as well, on Puzzling. – Mithical Jul 6 '16 at 13:39
  • Yeah, there is one hour delay between gaining reputation and until it appears in the achievements dialog. – Shadow9 Jul 6 '16 at 13:43
  • Is this fixed now for you? My MSE rep is now all appearing as it should. – Rand al'Thor Jul 6 '16 at 13:47
  • right now it seems to have all of today's action in it, yes, @randal'thor – Kate Gregory Jul 6 '16 at 13:54

The issue seems to be gone now.
(I can verify it on my account because I was experiencing it before, too.)

If someone from SE devs won't provide further details, let's conclude this was sort of temporary issue which has been resolved.

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