I asked Assign name to Hyper-V guest for Windows 10 host? to get a constructive response to the problem on how to get a host name for a client VM known to the host.

Another user then came by and closed as duplicate. Being a gold badge holder this took effect immediately. I suspect they did so without understanding the question fully.

Now I've tried to reopen and call moderator attention to this question, so I can get an actual response perhaps even a useful answer, but without prevail.

How should I approach this from here?

EDIT: The duplicate has been removed, without me getting to editing the question as suggested.

  • Asking the same question on meta.su would do the trick. Granted, you did get my attention... but I'm sure with a good arguement that it wasn't a dupe, you'd have folks voting to reopen Aug 15, 2019 at 14:40
  • @JourneymanGeek Oh. I just clicked the Meta-link in the right side. Didn't notice this was the stackexchange and not superuser meta. Aug 15, 2019 at 14:45

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The procedure is basically identical to How do you challenge the closing of one of your questions? – basically, edit the question to indicate why the answers to the original question don't apply to your case. Since it was closed single-handledly, you can 'ping' the gold tag badge holder with a comment to ask for a reevaluation of their decision (preferably after editing the question).

If you suspect somebody is frequently using their dupehammer wrongly, you might want to get the ♦ moderators involved via a custom moderator flag. But one closed question doesn't really warrant that.


How should I approach this from here?

Simply the same as you would approach duplicate votes from flags as well.

Edit and improve your question, and explain why the duplicate doen't apply.

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