I've never fully understood the tag. About half of the tag's current questions seem to have nothing to do with waffles per se, but seem to include the tag as a point or humor or whimsy. The tag's tag wiki is unclear ("Waffles are supreme. That is all."), but a request in 2014 to burninate the tag was poorly-received.

In what cases does the tag belong on a question on Meta Stack Exchange? To be clear, I'm not asking for a burnination (you can support the existing burninate request if you wish), but asking for tag usage. That is, if we are not going to burninate the tag, then when exactly should it be used and when should it not be used? Is it a generic "fun" tag that I can add liberally to questions that I feel are fun or funny, or does it (or should it) have a specific non-obvious meaning?


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This is a "fun tag", that is no longer used, and should not be used in new questions.

However, I think we should keep it where it was used and not remove it, in honor of waffles, who has major part in making Stack Overflow what it is today. (The good parts of it.)

Consider this tag as "brother tag" of .

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