Most sites don't have limits on how many questions can be bumped by the Community user, based on past bumps: regardless of how many questions were bumped in the past and are currently on the home page, they continue to bump questions every hour.

There are some that don't always do, however, per Shog's message:

[Certain] sites only allow n bumped questions on the homepage at a time, and will refuse to bump more until some roll off

jmac pushed for that for Japanese.SO, since almost everyone using it was in the same timezone so they'd go to bed and... Wake up to a page full of bumps

They didn't mention the exact limit for Japanese Stack Overflow or the other sites with a similar limitation.

Also, another feature of the above category (but not the same one) was just implemented for Hardware Recommendations today: if one of the last five recently active questions has been bumped and is currently on the home page, no questions will be bumped.

Can I please get a full list of sites which limit Community bumps based on prior such recent bumps, and how exactly they limit them?

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