There seems to be some sort of discrepancy in reputation calculation. On my profile page it shows my total reputation as 41,819 and it shows a graph which goes back to February of this year, wherein the earliest point viewable on the graph shows my reputation as 33,264.

Screenshot of profile page showing reputation graph

If this is the case then I would have had to have earned no less than 8,555 reputation this year (41,819 - 33,264) and probably even more since the graph doesn't seem to be including January.

Yet on the users tab when sorted by year it shows that I have only earned 7,855 reputation this year:

Screenshot of yearly reputation page

Similarly, the yearly league page shows that I have earned 7,855 reputation this year:

Screenshot of yearly reputation league page

Unless I'm missing something these cannot both be mathematically correct. And I don't think it can simply be an issue of waiting for the next update or something like that, because the difference is a full 700 reputation (which at the rate I have been earning reputation is at least a few weeks).

So which location is displaying the wrong data? Or are they counting different things (e.g. including bounties, excluding lost reputation, etc.)?


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