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Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead?

Users with less than 50 reputation points cannot write comments on questions and answers that they don't own. Why does this limit exist? But I want to contribute now. What should I do instead? But I ...
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How can I get my first reputation [duplicate]

Am I really forced to ask a question before gaining reputation to vote up answers that I find helpful? I've used StackOverflow for years in my JavaScript development, and I see myself as a pro. But I ...
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How can I contribute to Stack Overflow just by voting and never answering/posting questions? [duplicate]

Most of the time, I don't need to ask questions to find the answers I am looking for. Because I just find all the answers on Stack Overflow. It is a huge resource of good tips, tricks and solutions. ...
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Does an SO account make sense if I never ask or answer? [duplicate]

I've been finding answers on SO for some years now. However, I always found answers to my questions, so a quick look at SO was always enough. I never felt the need to create an account. Now after ...
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My reputation is way too low to comment [duplicate]

I vigorously request that the reputation system be revised to let people with higher reputation in other Stack Exchange sites be able to comment on questions/answers. A possibly reasonable approach ...
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why is my rep so low? [duplicate]

Why is my reputation on meta-so only 1? (at the time of this writing) I participate, albeit in a small and quiet way, on 4 other SO sites (stack, super, server, area51). I've not had any significant ...
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Why it is so difficult for new users on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently started using Stack Overflow, and I am struggling. I am new to programming in C# and WPF and I am struggling to use the site. I have only posted three questions and I have answered one. At ...
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Earning reputation without reputation [duplicate]

How do you earn reputation when trying to start on Stack Overflow? Typically, I'm programming in C# at work, using and consuming SO threads several times a day. I'd be able to up/down many answers ...
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What are the recommended activities for a new user, such as for asking for more info on a question or an answer? [duplicate]

Related questions: New user not able to comment (answer gets catch-22). What am I supposed to do as a newbie if I want more info on a question? How does a new user begin using Stack Overflow/Stack ...
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Discussion about pro and cons for allowing up-voting to very new users [duplicate]

I would like to share my point of view about allowing up-voting for very new users. I'm basically talking about the reputation points needed to up-vote any question/answer. It is currently set to 15 ...
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I cannot get started [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Exchange. Math and physics newsletters get to my inbox every Thursday, and every Thursday there are 5-day-old answers to questions as I read them for the first time. Too often a ...
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Do I really need to add "useless" questions in order to interact? [duplicate]

I have decades of coding history in my pocket. Still I have many of areas in which I am looking for answers. When Google sends me here to this platform its mostly a good result. Thus that means ...
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How to help a person in SO? [duplicate]

If I have 1 reputation, I don't have enough reputation to comment on someone's post, but I want to help him/her. What should I do in this situation? The only way to interact is through posting an ...
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feature request: develop more ways to build reputation for new users [duplicate]

I don't have an exact solution to offer, but as a longstanding low reputation user I find it frustrating and discouraging that I have to wait for someone to upvote my questions before I can be ...
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Can't comment, but I can screw up someone else's code? [duplicate]

I am not a very active member of stackoverflow. My reputation is veeeery low. I've just found an answer to somebody's question, that solves my problem too! But I would like to add a very tiny bit of ...
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