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I accidentally created a tag. How do I delete it? [duplicate]

I attempted to ask a question regarding "object-role-modeling" (it's a design methodology that doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should). Unfortunately, when I wrote the question, I made a ...
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What *currently* happens to zombie tags? [duplicate]

I've been doing some retagging on Super User lately, and the tag page still shows the old, crusty, now-orphaned tags. Worse, these tags are still available via the tag autocompletion, reporting their ...
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Should this tag be removed [duplicate]

Just seen someone has created this silly tag: vw-vh-vmin-vmax Should it/can it be removed?
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Why does the Javacript tag exist? [duplicate]

I found a silly tag. It's called javacript The description is WRONG TAG! Use [javascript] instead!. So why does this tag still exist? Can tags be deleted? Will this tag ever be deleted? I think ...
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Rules around deleting or editing tags [duplicate]

I know we need 1500 points to be able to create tags on Stack Overflow. Now I wonder about the rules around removing or editing tags. Would it need consensus of a certain number of people to ...
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Accidentally created the [teaxx] tag [duplicate]

I accidentally created an inaccurate tag on Stack Overflow - I created teaxx when I should have been using xxtea. How can I delete it, or get it deleted?
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What should I do for wrong spelled tag [duplicate]

If I found a wrong spelled tag , what should I do ? Javscript ? I think it's JAVASCRIPT . Can I flag to moderator for it ?
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Delete `visual-stuido` tag or merge it with `visual-studio` [duplicate]

Because of the typo, I'd like to suggest the visual-stuido tag be deleted or merged with visual-studio. On Stack Overflow.
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Misspelled 'guassian' tag [duplicate]

While performing a review task I came across the guassian tag. The suggested edit was actually a comment, stating I think this is a misspelling for gaussian. It probably should be deleted. I ...
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hardware tags and OT-Questions [duplicate]

Wow that was fast... There was a question tagged the following: repair, lcd,laptop which are obviously hardware tags, and the question was something like this: How can i remove permanent marker ...
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Created a tag with a typo, but can't change it (or suggest synonym) [duplicate]

I created a new tag for C/AL (Client/Server Application Language for Microsoft Dynamics NAV), which was recently approved. However, I just noticed that I have a typo. I am unable to suggest a synonym ...
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I suspect a wrong tag (typo) for jersy [duplicate]

I suspect this question has been wrongly tagged with jersy instead jersey.
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Why did Community just create an unused tag? [duplicate]

Community just created a tag on Stackoverflow called javscript. There are no questions, on Stackoverflow, with this tag. It appears to be a mispelling of javascript. Why was it created?
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Burninate [what-is] tag [duplicate]

I mean come on guys, do we really need such a tag? It has not even been used and I see no point in having it. Does anyone agree? hold on, why am I thinking it does exist? First of all, someone is ...
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Destruction of irrelevant / typo tags [duplicate]

I can't find an answer to this after searching meta and the help files: how do "typo" tags get killed off? For example, currently there are tags for i0s7 and javascipt, which are both obviously typos. ...
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