When editing a post in Internet Explorer 9, and applying formatting to the selected text with a click on one of the toolbar's formatting buttons, the editor scrolls back to the start of the post.

Result: the selection is not visible anymore.

The selection is not changed and hás the new formatting tags around. Maybe it has something to do with this slightly related question?

All other browsers I have tested do not expose this bug: Opera 11.5, Safari 5.0.5, FF 5.0, Chrome 12.0, all on Windows 7/64. Even more weird; IE7 and IE8 manage a toolbar click also just fine.

For now, two simple workarounds:

  • use the keyboard arrows to force the cursor scroll back in view, or
  • do not use the toolbar buttons altogether; instead, use the applicable keyboard shortcuts.

It is indeed slightly related to that other question. As I explain there, in IE the current state of the input area has to be saved somewhere when you click a button and later be restored.

What we didn't save so far was the scroll position of the input area. This broke with IE9, because (unlike IE8) it now supports element.selectionStart etc.; hence we're not using IE-specific code in all places anymore, and the non-IE-specific code also needs the scroll position.

In the next build, this position will also be saved and restored.

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