Is there a way to find out how far from Tenacious and Unsung Hero I am at this moment. (And by that I mean maybe with a few days delay but not weeks or even months). It's not the purpose of the site to serve that information so I won't be surprised if it's not doable but I got to ask.

There are SQL queries that check such things but those work on heavily outdated data.

Here is a suggestion to do that manually, but I'm not sure how. Surely, it's not meant that I'm to go and write down my statistics on a piece of Notepad and do some calculations in Excel. Or is it?


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As the answer you pointed to you can do it manually (annoying) or use the Data.SE query (data can be old). Additionally you can also write an application against the API.

If you go the manual route you can use the ninja search options to make things easier user:me isaccepted:1

  • OK, by the "annoying" epithet, I conclude that it is about actually tracking the stuff yourself. Good info (+1) on the search parameters. Didn't know that. Commented Sep 17, 2012 at 18:23

You can check how close are you to the badge here: How close am I to unsung hero badge just enter your Stack Overflow ID.

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