I already read this question, but it is almost two years old. Maybe now is the time.

To access the flag summary I usually:

  • access the profile
  • expand the profile info (I know my bio, so it is usually collapsed)
  • click a very tiny link (i.e. the number of raised flags)

Ok, now the page shows a very long list of flagged questions, without any possibility to filter or to sort.

So I suggest a couple of possible improvement for the flag summary.

  • Why not to move it to the user profile's tabs?
  • Hence, why not to enable filters on it (type, newest, etc), just as in the other tabs?
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    Any reason in particular why? No convincing argument? Not even any possible benefits? – BDM Apr 3 '13 at 10:56

I guess the reason behind this not being done is due to whining. In the era of displayed flag weight, folks used to whine a lot about declined flags.

While I do feel that users should come to know of some decline messages, I don't think that there's any real need for such an improvement in the ability to keep track of flags. Elevating it to the "tab" status gives it unnecessary importance, IMO.

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