I don't know whether I can express everything here because, this looks like a strange bug. But, I can respond to comments for sure...

I was involved in creating accounts. When I created my account in Christianity.SE, I logged in with Facebook accidentally. Since I won't be alive in facebook most of the time, I tried to log-in with gmail and finally removed my facebook login. It showed 101 - indicating "association OK"...

When I created my accounts in Linguistics and Bitcoin, my association was with some other Christianity profile. When I looked into it, my profile name was a25bedc5-3d09-41b8-82fb-ea6c353d75ae with my smiley balls. But, I already have a profile. My linguistics and bitcoin profile showed 1 rep. score associated with this bug profile. There's an issue with this profile. There are no accounts, no logins, no edit my about me but I'm wondered how my gravatar got there without my gmail.

I can delete my other two profiles (I mean, I can see the delete button). But, I can't delete this one. Every time I create an account, it gets associated with this bug profile with my gmail ID (I tested with Biblical Hermeneutics.SE). Here's my profile at Bitcoin. You can see that I can edit everything around...

Now, you shall say, "Ohh.. Then, you can delete your profile". The problem is, I can delete the 1 rep. accounts without a problem. But, further creation of accounts lead to association with the bug profile - which is very rude..! What shall I do now?

Now, I saw my login preferential over Christianity.SE, and it had NONE (I don't know how this happened). How can an account exist without any login? So, I tried to add my gmail account. And, it shows:

If that's how the profiles are linked, then - all the 1 rep. profiles should be along with my Physics.SE & other accounts. Why does it stay alone somewhere? Moreover, this warning should've appeared when the bug profile was created. It didn't happen..!

Now, I logged into the bug profile and I can see that it uses my Gmail account. How can a 200+ rep. user have two different accounts (one with 1 rep.) with the same login..?


Once I logged into the bug profile, I deleted my 1 rep. account and it automatically logged out. Now, I reopened Christianity.SE. It said "Welcome, you're being redirected" - like somehow I've already logged in. It got into the 101 rep. account. Now, I thought the problem is gone, and went on to create my Bitcoin profile (which I deleted just now). Now, it welcomes me with a notification: "Goto your user profile page". I think mods can see everything in the profile page. Since all the profiles above have gone now, this is my new user profile over Bitcoin.

So, the conclusion - I can't create further accounts with my Gmail and associate those...

I apologize to the community for deleting & creating profiles. But, I need to do it..! :(

Figured out... (But, don't know "why" it happened..!)

I went to my Physics profile page. In my logins, there were none..! I don't know (still can't figure out) how all of my logins were removed. I added my gmail and facebook login and now, I got the Bitcoin account associated automatically when I logged out & then in. Now, I can continue creating my accounts.

I suspect my logins should've been removed today (Because 1 or 2 days ago, I cleared my firefox data (including login credentials) so that I logged in with my Google account again). But, I still can't figure out how all of my logins were erased from my profile.

Isn't it ridiculous that a profile worked for a few hours without any logins?

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