I have noticed a layout issue in the 10k-Tools that stretches the posts horizontal and moves the menu from the right side to the bottom of the page (see Image). I reproduces it twice, but i´m currently stuck cause it involves closing a question and there aren´t any question to close at the moment.

I will try to reproduce it later and provide the steps here. Maybe someone else can reproduce it.

What I have done is that I flagged some answers and voted to close questions. I expanded the questions before i voted to close it.

Update: Now i have reproduced the behavior.

  1. Go to https://stackoverflow.com/tools/flagged
  2. Find a question with Close Votes
  3. Expand the question
  4. Vote to close question
  5. Collapse the question
  6. Expand the question -> results in that the right menu moves to bottom. Collapsing the question moves menu back to the right side.

Browser: Chrome 28.0.1500.95

I have increased the Zoom Level to take the screenshot. The menu is also displayed at the bottom with 100 % Zoom.

enter image description here

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