I came across this question in the first post review queue.

I have read it and decided to close it but then I went and retracted my vote as I clicked the wrong close reason. Then, I realized that No Action Needed has faded out and the only available buttons are I'm Done and Skip.

Going back to my profile page to activity tab - it counts as Reviewed because I hit I'm Done.

Since I have retracted my vote I think it cancels out the vote so it makes perfect sense to still allow me to click No Action Needed as there really was no vote cast.

Is my assumption wrong? or is this a bug?

Note: I realize I could simply Skip after retracting my vote ( and I should have done that because the question IMO should be closed but I hit I'm Done just for testing to see what would happen <- it's called exploring not exploiting.)


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Enabled I'm Done looks fair because you put real thought and effort on both casting and retracting the close vote, and especially because this made it impossible for you to vote close again.

From this perspective, the fact that No Action Needed remains disabled looks right - because you did actions and especially because these actions were irreversible.

Worth noting how this behavior is different from up/down voting that toggles Done / No action, simply following the reversible (during grace period) actions of casting and retracting a vote.

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