Yay! We have an achievements dialog: Add a reputation and achievements pane to iOS app

As previously part of that request, but now split off to its own, (as requested by Arie on the linked post) is overlays on the achievements icon:

enter image description here

Similar to the desktop version, and as done for the app inbox.

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    And what if there's +10000? ;) – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Jun 17 '14 at 19:39
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    Same as the desktop. Everything breaks. – mhlester Jun 17 '14 at 19:40
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    I would love to see animation, like there was for tag badges. :D – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Jun 17 '14 at 19:44
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    +1 just because you cropped and resized. – user1228 Jun 17 '14 at 20:32
  • @Sha +10000? You have some new rep changes. I would check it but, eh, I don't have an iPhone... – nicael Jun 17 '14 at 21:04
  • @nicael yeah that's the post I was referring to when I said everything breaks :) – mhlester Jun 17 '14 at 21:05
  • @Sha A, I see. Whose blame? – nicael Jun 17 '14 at 21:09
  • @nicael it wasn't me who replied, I was going to say that you inspire me. :D – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Jun 17 '14 at 21:10
  • @Sha yep, I am positively too old. – nicael Jun 17 '14 at 21:14
  • @nicael yeah, 100 y/o is not so young! – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Jun 17 '14 at 21:15
  • @Sha When you will be 100 years old, you will think that actually it isn't funny. – nicael Jun 17 '14 at 21:17

This feature has been implemented, as is available in beta builds since version

The achievements button will update and render when there are any changes to achievements while the app is running (realtime changes); in addition, when the app is opened or foregrounded, it will also check and see if any changes have happened while the user was out (we only do this once every hour to save on cell/wifi data). This behavior should match up pretty closely to the desktop behavior.

When some reputation is earned:

Achievements button with reputation

When some non-reputation-earning achievement (e.g. badges) occurs: enter image description here

Also, the look is a bit different on iPad:

enter image description here

  • Can it also become negative? – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Dec 22 '14 at 19:42
  • @ShadowWizard no, in that case it will just show the highlighted (green button) state. We do the same on the site. – Arie Litovsky Dec 22 '14 at 19:43
  • Also, the version now is so does it mean you're rolling back to a previous version? (or did you mean :)) – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Dec 22 '14 at 19:43
  • Actually no, in the site if the delta is negative the icon is silent and not highlighted at all. (It's highlighted without a number only in case of new achievement) – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Dec 22 '14 at 19:44
  • @ShadowWizard regarding version, no roll-back – this feature has been around since then, but I only announced it now since some backend functionality was still pending. Regarding the negative status, thanks – I'll double check that behavior. – Arie Litovsky Dec 22 '14 at 19:45
  • I can't tell if I'm supposed to be happy since this is an awesome feature or sad since now I need to rush to get it done on Android too. – Kasra Rahjerdi Dec 22 '14 at 19:52
  • @ShadowWizard nevermind, I was mistaken – the negative behavior was implemented correctly. (won't show anything if delta is negative). My memory was just a bit fuzzy. – Arie Litovsky Dec 22 '14 at 20:05
  • Cheers, guess your memory remembered the desired behavior rather than the existing behavior. ;) – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Dec 22 '14 at 21:17
  • Nice! It works with badges and reputation! Thanks – mhlester Dec 23 '14 at 19:13

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