Close votes age as follows:

Close votes age away harmlessly after 4 days if the threshold is not reached. Each new close vote resets the timer, and close votes only start expiring if the question has had 100 views.

I know that users can retract their close votes for questions (Can we have the ability to retract a close vote before it closes? is status-completed). If a user retracts a close vote on a question, can they then recast a close vote on the same question?

If so, does retracting and then immediately recasting a close vote on a question reset close vote aging? If it does, this is a bug.

  • Not possible...
    – nicael
    Commented Dec 1, 2014 at 20:53

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You cannot re-cast a vote when you retract it.

Unless you're a mod, in which case the ability to repeatedly vote to close the same question is very intentional.


No. Once you've cast a vote to close, your vote has been cast and you will never be able to vote to close that question again (unless you're a moderator), no matter if it ages away or gets retracted by you.


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