I want to advertise StackExchange at a language-learning-related web, so it would be handy to provide a link to all language sites here. Or to all language-related ones, at best, but list of languages you can ask about would be enough. The categories used here are broader, so the closest category search I already found shows a lot of clutter. Search for word "language" should be better, but I didn't find any custom search at the site list (perhaps it's possible programatically, I don't know). I already tried to search for "language" at Area51, but even though I had "beta" tab active, proposals at all stages (mostly "definition") were shown.

Can I list the language sites some other way, or do I have to provide all the links one at a time, or let the people try to find the needle (language sites) in the haystack (all sites)?


If you want to list the existing language sites, use your browser's search function to search for the word “Language” on the site list. You may or may not want to add Linguistics.

If you want a page listing the existing language sites were people can pick the one(s) they're interested it, I think you'll have to provide your own. If the audience is learners, omit English Language & Usage and Linguistics. If the audience also includes teachers, leave them in. In addition, you may want to list language proposals on Area 51, but take care that this is a moving target, and there too there isn't reliable search (“language” should include them all but adds some noise with programming languages, sites about some other topic in a non-English language, etc.)

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