The iOS latest version of the SE app's release notes has a spelling error:

The achievement bar button item will now stay in it's designated area

The word it's is misspelled; there should be no apostrophe.

  • "its" is the possessive form of "it"
  • "it's" is a contraction of "it is", or of "it has" when "has" is an auxiliary verb, eg "it has been fun" -> "it's been fun"

It's a quality thing.

Pedantic? Well, wrong is wrong.

I realise that this can't be "fixed", since the ship has sailed. "Fixed" probably means that "done" now includes having someone proofread SE-produced content.

  • App Version:
  • Device: iPhone 6s
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    I am completely with you on this. Precision is important in computation.
    – Bathsheba
    Commented Dec 22, 2016 at 12:26

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Fixed. These types of issues will likely crop up from time to time since I just hastily throw the list together when shipping the app. The alternative is, "Thank you for using our app. Please turn on automatic updates for blah, blah, blah."

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