I've just realized that until 100 reputation you don't get the upload image option in chat:

Link Here

showing the privilege

So that just means that the Upload Image button isn't there until you have 100 rep.

What would happen if one uploaded through the ask question's area and just copy pasted the link (very easy process)?

  • Would the Image load since it's an imgur link (are they supposed to have the privelage, or is just supposed to be more inconvenient for them?)


  • Would it just show the link

This is all you'd need to do: (then paste in chat box and it should load image)

copying imgur link


I have not been able to test any of this out as I'm not a <100 rep user, but I'm very sure that it would work.

  • No bug here. Having the upload button is just a bonus for those with enough rep. Jun 11, 2017 at 8:35

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It's already documented in chat-faq that you can attach image with url:

It's also possible to insert images in chat. Simply paste the URL to the image on a line all by itself and press enter or click the send button. If the image is on your computer, click the upload button to share the image through our partner imgur.com — the URL to the newly uploaded image will automatically be inserted into chat on your behalf.

Though Upload... button is not available until 100 reputation, I think it is only intended to stop obvious-uploading images from newbies. Otherwise forgot using Q/A writing area, you can even manually upload image from your computer directly to http://imgur.com/ (i.e bypassing SE for uploading image) and then copy-paste url in chat.

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