Occasionally, when I find myself working on a particularly lengthy answer, I'll want to share my answer with a friend or college to ask questions or receive feedback before posting. My typical workaround is to post answers I want to share in the formatting sandbox if they aren't ready for submssion.

I don't enjoy this solution, as it feels like an unintended use of the sandbox. It bumps the formatting sandbox to Meta's front page, is only possible for users with 10+ rep, and crowds more answers onto a post that, according to Shog9, was already overflowing with 900+ answers before it was wiped clean and archived.

Is there a better way to share unfinished questions or answers before posting?


Github gists support markdown (not SE's specific flavour, but close enough to be helpful). Note that you will need to indicate it is a markdown file by using the .md extension.

Very similar to Github gists, you could use a Gitlab snippet.

Not to be left out, Bitbucket also has snippets, but I can't verify that they support markdown since I've never used them.

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