The main chatroom for EOS.IO got deleted automatically (Which itself is not suppose to happen because it's a mainroon that suppose to have an auto freeze/deletion protection.), so I created a new room that is here with the same name and description as the original main room for a replacement I creating a replacement instead of contacting a mod to undelete the original one was just me experimenting, just in case you ask why?

After some days of not having any messages the room is still not frozen yet, now yes Stack Exchange is posting messages there, but that doesn't count as said by an official person I even saw rooms get frozen even with Stack Exchange posting in them. The last message from a normal user was 35 days ago.

Why is this room I created not frozen yet? Have I managed to fool the system to think that my replacement main room is the real main room?

Also check this out it has no active feeds and it's not a main room.

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TL;DR: No bug here, just sequence of rare corner cases, as far as I can tell.

The freeze/delete protection takes place only when there is one single room for a site.

As can be seen in the list of rooms including frozen/deleted, when the main room was deleted in July 28 (2018), this room (10k only) existed and was unfrozen and active, thus became the "main" room.

Now why that other room got deleted in August 23? Because this room existed and was active.

Now... what that other room did not get the auto protection? Because it's a "one on one" room, which has different logic behind the scenes, making it "secondary" to the ordinary chat rooms.

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