The mod dashboard currently shows inline when a user joined a stack (see Moderator Flag Dashboard soft launch for example screenshots.)

Could we add a "last seen" string there too?

Rationale: I visit user profiles fairly regularly for certain types of flags. For answers, on my site, they'll typically get a comment or two suggesting how to improve it. So the "last seen" timestamp helps decide when to take mod action, for instance:

  • If they did visit recently, but not since the comment was left, I might leave it be for a little longer in hopes the user will come back soon and edit without a mod having to intervene.
  • If they haven't been seen in months, just delete it now since there's no point in waiting longer.

It's also useful for comment flags, like when someone flags a comment as "no longer needed" that I personally feel is a little borderline - I'm more comfortable deleting those if I know OP has likely seen it already.

Currently this takes a couple clicks: the username link goes to "activity" tab, then click on "profile" tab. And if I'm on mobile, I also need to request the desktop site. Adding it directly to the dashboard would make this a lot easier.

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    Yes, please. Since we broke the profile into tabs, this has always been my biggest speed bump: "Have they not yet seen the <action/notice> or did they just ignore it?" – Robert Cartaino Aug 21 '19 at 19:29

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