I've experienced this almost daily on Stack Overflow, and now I believe I've recently figured out the pattern of this bug.


  • over 10,000 reputation if the low quality post is a question (it almost never happens)
  • over 20,000 reputation in general, in order to have access to delete votes for answers.
  • not a ♦ user, because you need a finite amount of votes for this issue.


Visit the low quality queue and when you cast your LAST "Delete" vote of the day (not the "Recommend Deletion" vote), then an error occurs:

An error occurred when reviewing this item. Please try again.

Refreshing the page demonstrates that the review got invalidated:

This item is not reviewable.

For reference, the review item was: https://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/24697740. As I'm not a moderator, I do not know if the original flag became "helpful", "disputed" or something else.

It may be possible that it actually happens for the LAST+1 Delete vote (I didn't count precisely), but in any case it seems like some off-by-one error somewhere: if it's the last+1 vote, then the review queue should be considering it as "Recommend Deletion" instead of invalidating the review.

Please accept my apologies for not recognizing the bug earlier: I believe I've accidentally invalidated many reviews like that in the past months because I can do 20 reviews a day, but I have less than 20 delete votes a day, and as such potentially triggering the issue daily.


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The cause here is a sanity-check which attempts to verify that a given review action is actually valid for that review: for a LQ answer, that means a Delete action is only valid if you have delete privileges, the answer scores <=0, and you still have delete votes remaining for the day; a RecommendDelete action is only valid if one or more of the above are not true.

Here's where it went wrong: when the review task is shown, you have one vote left, Delete is a valid action, so the Delete option is shown; by the time this is checked, you've used your last vote, and Delete is invalid.

The fix here is to treat Delete as a valid action when you've already voted to delete the answer, even if you're out of votes.

Related (but subtly different): Can't complete First Post review when reaching the daily vote limit

This will be fixed after the next build.

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