It's very slight, but I just ran through all my SE tabs in Safari refreshing one after the other, as I do a hundred times a day [when I'm bored] & everything on each page just spaced a tiny bit wider.

It's probably not easy to see until you fullscreen this [snaps are from a 27" 1440p screen] but something just changed on every refreshed page. After a few of these I realised I should grab a screen snap of a before & after - you'll have to open each in a new window & flick between to see the effect; it is very slight.


picture beforehand


screenshot afterwards, slightly wider

medium images inlined, click to open full size in new window. imgur's 'medium' tag is what puts the bad black 'transparency' around the 'm' pictures in here.


I recently changed how some of our variables are passed around, simplifying things and making sure our body and html elements inherit from a single place instead of a super circuitous route. Something may have shifted slightly.

  • OK, thanks. Good to know. It was one of those 'blink & you miss it' moments, but it seemed too consistent to be 'random'. – Tetsujin Jan 27 at 19:48
  • 3
    I think I remember that "circuitous route" 😁 – balpha Jan 27 at 19:57
  • 1
    @balpha. It's always balpha. :-D – Shadow9 Jan 27 at 20:08
  • @balpha I deleted the variables coming from base-primary and now it just comes from stacks-base. Let's hope the website still works 😇 – Aaron Shekey Jan 27 at 20:13

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