I have jumped to a couple of sites asking for the answers to the multiple-choice questions of the APUSH Amsco textbook("AMSCO Advanced Placement Edition: United States History, Newman, John J., and John M. Schmalbach") , or a textbook site in general. Many people just downvoted and didn't give me an indicator as to where I should ask. Where can I post it?

Edit: Pdf to the aforementioned book https://ma.lvlhs.org/ourpages/auto/2012/4/12/58446259/TOP%20REVIEW%20TEXTBOOK.pdf

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    There is no site that will recommend a textbook for you. Some sites might recommend a textbook on their topic. What subject are you planning to ask about?
    – Laurel
    Jan 10 at 22:15
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    Asking for the answers to multiple choice questions from a textbook, and asking about a textbook site in general, are different things. What specific question(s) do you plan to ask? Do you have an example question?
    – bobble
    Jan 10 at 22:17
  • Specifically about Ap Us History, Amsco textbook. Sorry if that wasn't clear I am trying to find a place for that specific book's multiple choice questions, not sure if that would be under a textbook channel or sort. So a specific question: "Answers to the AMSCO Ap United States History Multiple Choice questions" Jan 10 at 22:20
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    The textbook isn't really relevant except insofar as you're intending to plagiarise its questions then? Why not ask about the topics in the textbook you don't understand in your own words? Jan 10 at 22:32
  • There are multiple choice questions in the book and all I a wondering is if there is a website or link that provides me the letter answers Jan 10 at 22:37
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    There's no site that will provide you links like that as answers I'm afraid. Jan 10 at 23:59
  • Ok thanks for all the help, but why are people downvoting again? Does this question violate anything? You just downvote and leave without a comment? Jan 11 at 1:10
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    In what way will it help you or anyone else in anything other than the very short term to have a list of multiple choice answers with no explanation?
    – MandyShaw
    Jan 11 at 7:58
  • That was a challenge for the search engines! APUSH = Advanced Placement United States History (AKA AP United States History). AP = Advanced Placement, not Associated Press. Jan 11 at 12:16
  • What is "Amsco"? The publisher, "Amsco School Publications"? And the combination "APUSH Amsco" = the particular textbook "AMSCO Advanced Placement Edition: United States History, Newman, John J., and John M. Schmalbach"? Jan 11 at 12:29
  • Yes, that book. Funny, searching up APUSH right on search engine leads straight to Advanced Placement United States History Jan 12 at 3:10
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    The answers are in the book, in so much as you have to study the relevant period of history. Read the chapters, visit History.com and you might learn something new. Memorizing answers is not the same as understanding.
    – Mari-Lou A
    Jan 12 at 6:18
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    Searching the title of this book together with "answer key" gives plenty of results on your favourite search engine.
    – Luuklag
    Jan 12 at 8:25
  • @Mari-LouA they are in the book? Page number? I have the answers but I just need a source to double check. Obviously I have done them already. Jan 12 at 12:09

There are multiple choice questions in the book and all I a wondering is if there is a website or link that provides me the letter answers

There is no such site in the Stack Exchange network. And there won't be. Stack Exchange was built so you can have experts answer your questions, that you still have despite having researched your question on your own.

Wanting to know a multiple choice answer without reading the textbook it's contained in is the anti-thesis of Stack Exchange's model. It's purposefully avoiding the research that would be trivial because the research material is limited and readily available (assuming you have a copy of the text book), in favor of just asking for the answer.

If you have actually read the textbook, and still find the multiple choice question confusing and have an actual history question, then feel free to visit https://history.stackexchange.com/ and ask your question. About history, not about a textbook.

That said, I think you gathered many downvotes because you just assumed that everybody knows what you were talking about. We are "the global internet", not your 5 local schoolyard buddies. We have no idea what US textbook you are talking about when you use all the abbreviations you take for granted. I think your question would have been closed with a lot less downvotes if you had explained to the global audience what you were talking about, instead of throwing out a number of abbreviations only known to a very constrained local audience. At first glance, I did not even know your history question was off topic, because I couldn't even understand what you were asking.

  • So abbreviations... my fault. Still new to this site. However, my intention was not to "skip work", I read the book, readily available online as a pdf (ma.lvlhs.org/ourpages/auto/2012/4/12/58446259/…) And despite reading and understanding the text, all I am asking for is a way to check my answers, the process of learning. That's it. Jan 12 at 3:13

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