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How to ask meta-programming on Stack Overflow without being moderated? [duplicate]

I'm looking for thoughtful tips on asking meta-programming questions on stackoverflow without getting sent to meta stackoverflow. It seems to me that meta-programming != meta stackoverflow
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What's the difference between meta.stackexchange and meta.stackoverflow? [duplicate]

What's the difference between meta.stackexchange and meta.stackoverflow? Help didn't help me out. says: Questions specific to should now be ...
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What sort of Q&A does this "Meta Stack Overflow" deal with? [duplicate]

As a new user, may I ask what kind of Q&A and discussions this "Meta Stack Overflow" deals with?
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Is this the meta site for SO or for the whole SE family? [duplicate]

Yes, I know there is this why-is-stack-overflows-meta-also-the-meta-of-the-whole-stack-exchange-engine question, but the tone of the answer seems to perpetuate the notion that other, non-IT SE sites ...
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Will the future mSO share reputation similar to other metas? [duplicate]

When the split occurs, will reputation be shared between meta and main Stack Overflow similar to the other meta implementations? Specifically, if someone gains reputation on the future Stack Overflow ...
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Grant MSO privileges based on SO reputation [duplicate]

I am fairly active on Stack Overflow in terms on tidying up. If I see small typos, incorrect tags, extraneous salutations and valedictions, I clean them up. As I started to pursue MSO a bit more to ...
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Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014

Update 2014-04-17 04:47 UTC: Stable, with some odds and ends to clean up The main MSO/MSE sites are stable, but there are plenty of corners left to sweep. For details, see: The Status Of The ...
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The future of meta.stackoverflow and meta.stackexchange

Historically this site, meta.stackoverflow, has been the place to ask questions about not just Stack Overflow, but the functioning of the entire Stack Exchange (2.0) network, including Area 51 and ...
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Should I vote to close a duplicate question, even though it's much newer, and has more up to date answers?

I have seen this many times, a question is being asked because a previous, duplicate question was asked and answered a few years ago and has no longer relevant answers. The recommendation is to edit ...
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How should low-reputation MSE users express disagreement with a (proposed) network-wide change?

We have come in a very nice discussion over here. While the question at hand is a duplicate, OP raises a valid point: It overwhelmingly affects Stack Overflow where I have plenty of rep points, yet ...
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Can we un-delete "New Programming Jargon You Coined"? [closed]

Here is the post in question: According to Jeff Atwood's Stack Overflow: Where We Hate Fun, there are three things to ...
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Which meta am I supposed to post on?

I'm mostly active on IT Security and we have a separate meta. Most of my questions on IT Security meta have answers with links here. So my question is, where am I supposed to post what i.e. feature ...
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Stop special-casing Stack Overflow's meta

Questions about why Stack Overflow does not share rep with Meta Stack Overflow are met with the response that meta.stackoverflow and stackoverflow do not share a "parent-child relationship" ...
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What is the current ETA of Meta Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

In Stack Overflow is getting a place of its own, the estimated time of arrival was around the middle of January: I'm extremely pleased to announce that we've finally worked out the remaining ...
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FAQ/Handbook: communication channels used by Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange and are websites where online communities ask and answer questions. Communication is important for communities. This should also include communication with the ...

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