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Should editing / adding tags bump the question to the front page? [duplicate]

I edited an older question and then people complained about bumping such an old question to the front page for a minor edit. If such an edit is not worth bumping the question, I think this should not ...
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Don't make tag edits bump posts [duplicate]

Currently, editing a question's tags causes the question to be bumped to the top of the active tab. As I understand it, a question being bumped to the top of active is saying "Hey, community, ...
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Tag editing bumps questions [duplicate]

I have seen a situation where a great number of questions were being bumped to the top of the active queue as they were being edited by one person one after the other. The reason for the edits was to ...
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Ignoring retagged old questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: It should be possible to retag a question without bumping it to the front page. Too much retagging Retagging/Bumping Etiquette Don Stewart is currently going through a lot ...
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Too much retagging

I know that this is a somewhat recondite and mostly harmless hobby for a few users, but to stop it being vastly irritating for the rest of us can I suggest: Retags of questions more than week old ...
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Front page flood rate control system for editing

Summary Instead of immediately bumping a question, questions that qualify for special bumping behaviour shall be placed in a queue and sequentially auto-bumped by the system at a rate ...
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Disabling bumping for retags by hi-rep users

The issue of questions bumping after retagging has come up before several times, e.g. here. I have a concrete suggestion: disable bumping for users with high enough reputation (10k, 15k or 20k), or ...
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If you create a tag, you shouldn't get reputation by adding it to questions

There is a mass edit dump into the Suggested Edit review queue in Music.SE, by me. I'm suggesting several edits adding tritone, a tag that I created, to all tritone-related questions I can find. I don'...
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Please prevent adding/removing/changing tags from bumping them to the front page

Related to It should be possible to retag a question without bumping it to the front page but different because that question asks about editing existing tags for consistency, while I also care about ...
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User is retagging all sorts of posts with [internet-explorer-7]

The user Josh Unger has been submitting a ton of suggested edits, where the only change is to add the internet-explorer-7 tag to questions that mention IE7. This is being done without addressing any ...
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Detagging 'featured' should not bump

When the featured tag is removed from a question, the question is bumped, as with any other edit. I propose that, when that is the only change to a question, it not be bumped: the point of detagging ...
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Button for mods to not bump a question on a retag

I really, really want to do a mass cleanup of the vmware on Server Fault. There are > 100 questions that need to be re-tagged, and there's no one-size-fits-all merge that I can do. I realise there is ...
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The system for adding a new tag to old questions is broken

Tags are useful for lots of reasons. Accurate and specific tags: much more-so. When a site does't have a particular tag, it's easy enough to add a new tag to an existing question. But, applying a new ...
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Resolving the dissonance on edits and bumps

Should we make "trivial" edits to posts? And what counts as a "trivial" edit? And when should edits or retags "bump" a post to the front page? This long-running debate could use some resolution, or ...
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Idea for external site: Customised Review Queues for your (shared) pet peeve

Here is an idea for an advanced feature. While it could be implemented by StackExchange Inc, I suspect it is a feature that is too advanced/specific to be considered. I have thought about implementing ...
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