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New Feature: Table Support

Update: I've just enabled this feature network-wide. All sites across Stack Exchange are now able to use tables. Thanks for all the feedback. We'll keep monitoring this question and we'll continue to ...
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How to format SQL tables in a Stack Overflow post? [duplicate]

I want to format an SQL table the right way in a Stack Overflow question. ID Name 1 Tom I know the example above is not the right way. I even tried an HTML table approach, but it's still wrong....
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Why can't table markup elements be used? [duplicate]

In What HTML tags are allowed on Stack Exchange sites?, Jeff explains which basic HTML elements are allowed. Near the end he states We do not and will not allow table tags -- sorry. This is ...
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Please add support for tables in answers and questions [duplicate]

I would like to use tables in answers and questions. Without such support, I find myself using ASCII art tables with the code-text tool, but that takes too long, and isn't really maintainable. This ...
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How to make tables in good format in asking questions here (which is understandable by others)? [duplicate]

When we paste a table from a note pad or word or any other source its not coming in a good table format in this Stack Overflow question editor/text box space. My question is how do you make an ...
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Best way to include table (of data) in a question [duplicate]

I would like to ask a question on Stack Overflow which includes a table of data from a MySQL database. What is the best way to include a table of data in a question?
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Table in Answers & Questions [duplicate]

I want to use a table in my answer. e.g |-------------|----------------| | ShortCut | Description | |-------------|----------------| I have posted an answer here, which requires this kind of ...
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Creating beautiful tables [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any markdown to create tables? How to format SQL tables in a Stack Overflow post? I was wondering how users are able to create beatiful tables of how their sql ...
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Is it possible to make tables without markdown? [duplicate]

I wanted to edit this question replace the bulleted list with a table. The answers to other questions clearly indicate that this isn't supported by markdown. I tried to make an HTML table, but I ...
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HTML table in question or answer? Other way to format spreadsheet style data? [duplicate]

I had a question on a stack exchange site (see link below) that got me wondering the best way to format data that was part of my question. It's basically a spreadsheet. I tried uploading as tab ...
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Status of recurring feature: tables [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any markdown to create tables? There have already been a few questions which have requested this feature, so I just wanted to check on the status of them and (...
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Ability to add a table in the question for the sample data [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Possible to get a mechanism for inserting table information into a question? is there any markdown to create tables Please add support for tables in answers and questions. ...
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Drawing tables while answering [duplicate]

I found table of this kind while surfing for some stuff on Stackoverflow ╔═════════╦═══════════╦══════════╗ ║ Col1 ║ col2 ║ col3 ║ ╠═════════╬═══════════╬══════════╣ ║ 1 ║ 3 ...
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Why aren't tables in posts supported via markdown or as raw html? [duplicate]

Wanting to display information in a table is not that uncommon, particularly so for SQL questions on stackoverflow (SQL deals with tables of data). There is support for tables in various markdown ...
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How to insert tables in the answer block? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any markdown to create tables? How to insert tables into the text area.For now i am pasting images instead of tables. Why is it not allowed to insert tables?
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