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What if my question has no answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Should I ask a question I know the answer to? Is “Don't do it” a valid answer? I had asked a question on SO sometime back - Is there a Eclipse plugin for ...
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How to handle questions where "don't do that" is the answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “Don't do it” a valid answer? I'm writing in regards to this question on Stack Overflow: Wordpress stop bookmarking OP is asking how to redirect his ...
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Why don't people RTFQ? [duplicate]

Why do they all answer their own private wannabe version of the question? How do we fix it? Q: How do I make A work with B? A: Why don't you use C instead of B? Comment: Why don't you try ...
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What if my problem does not have a solution [duplicate]

I asked a question and got some answers. Some of them describes why my problem does not have a real solution. Do I need to select one of them as the accepted answer? I'll sharpen the question: Does ...
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Answering a Question Vs. Solving a Problem [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “Don’t do it” a valid answer? As long I'm airing my grievances, I thought I'd throw out another point that drives me crazy. This actually is something I'...
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What to do when an "answer" does not really answer anything? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “Don't do it” a valid answer? More specifically, what should be done when an "answer" simply says "you're doing it wrong". All questions have answers, but ...
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Answer question as asked or answer with recommend redesign [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “Don't do it” a valid answer? If the underlying implementation within a question may deserve redesign (depending on OP's intent), should the answer address ...
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May I improve the logic which is out of scope of the question? [duplicate]

Suppose a user posts a programming question in SO with 20 lines of code. Sometimes, I can give a solution to what was asked with a single line change, but I know that the overall approach is not ...
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Is 'don't do this' a valid answer to a question looking for input on how to do something? [duplicate]

Submit and Reset button, what's the best order? asked on UX has as the highest-upvoted answer, something that does not address the question at all: instead it just points out that this is ...
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On answering the actual question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “Don’t do it” a valid answer? You come across this all the time. OP: How do I do x Answer: You shouldn't be doing x Managing Foreign Keys This example ...
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Is it ok to reply or comment "don't do that"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Closing as impossible Is “Don't do it” a valid answer? Is it considered ok to reply to someone asking "How do I do this" with "Don't do it"? Or for example ...
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What is the appropriate way to handle questions highlighting an ineffective approach? [duplicate]

What should be the appropriate reaction when someone ask for help, but the question shows major flaws in the code or design? I have the feeling that just "answering" is like helping them to go further ...
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How do I shoot myself in the foot? [duplicate]

Such questions are inevitable. Technology makes guns, and questions on how to use them follow. How do I shoot [targets] [birds] [other people] [my own foot]? It's no surprise that we all see "how do ...
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How do I format and word my questions to avoid the "You shouldn't be doing X, do Y" answers? [duplicate]

This is a problem I've experienced, and i've seen it talked about outside of Stack Exchange as a criticism of it. The basic problem is me, or someone else asking the question How do I do X? I have ...
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Is it OK for us to give advice but not actually answer the users question? ex: (how can I do X? answer: don't do it) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “Don’t do it” a valid answer? Often times I see a user asking how to do something that is not a good idea, for example: how do I make radio buttons looks ...
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