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For questions about how to appeal certain decisions/actions by the community or moderators, e.g. closures, deletions, reviews or suspensions.

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Account suspended because college friend offered bounty and upvoted a few of my answers [closed]

I don't know if moderators are actually trying to understand my predicament here, but a few years back I had a friend from college who used to share me the links of his questions to answer questions ...
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I appealed against a suspension, but the appeal is still pending. Am I going to miss the election?

I've been suspended for 7 days on Stack Overflow but I believe there's been a mistake, so I lodged an appeal. The appeal is still pending. I want to know, am I going to miss the election? Can I still ...
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Is it possible (in 2019) to appeal a Community♦ judgement? ("This question was deleted as spam or offensive") [duplicate]

Earlier today I asked a question, seeking to clarify whether Stack Exchange (the commercial organisation) subscribes to a particular pseudo-scientific idea or not. There ensued an animated, albeit ...
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Can we switch a closed question's "flag" link and relabel it as "appeal" instead?

I'd like to suggest StackExchange sites relabel the "flag" link and call it "appeal" once a question is closed. NOTE: This is not meant to change the functionality behind the link. What the "flag" ...
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Profile wrongly suspended

I apologize for asking this question here, because I must ask it on Ask Ubuntu website where my account is suspended for a reason I see as unfair (because I deleted 10 of my former questions that ...
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Appeal tag wiki rejection? Plagiarized - nothing?

AS: this question seems to mix too many ideas into one soup. Would try to separate the concerns. So the question of ethics and self-esteem i offloaded to Appeal tag wiki rejection? Plagiarized - ...
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How can one appeal a moderator action? [duplicate]

I would like to understand the appeal process for a moderators decision. How does one start that procedure when a moderator has edited your post and thereby losing its thrust.
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Banned from chat for apparently inappropriate content?

Basically here is the scenario: In the JavaScript chat room user A is talking about dummy text (keep in mind the room was pretty stagnant at the time) so I posted links to 7/8 lorem ipsum services (...
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How can I appeal to undelete an answer deleted by a moderator?

How can someone make an appeal to undelete an answer that was deleted by a moderator? There should at least be an appeal/vote process, if the deletion was unfair. Moderators are humans like rest of us,...
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How do I appeal a "declined" flag?

See: this answer to Does .net equal C#?. I flagged it as "not an answer", and said flag was rejected. The text says "flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether ...
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Appealing flags marked as invalid

What's the best course of action when certain flags you have raised get marked as invalid, but you still believe them to be valid? The questions I tagged as duplicates:
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So what happened to the downvoting discussion?

I posted this on physics.SE but was directed here. So it is a little specific to that forum. If you've already read all the arguments possible in the original please skip to the last two paragraphs. ...
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Appeal the deletion of answer. Answer was wrongfully flagged as spam or offensive

My answer to this question got deleted as offensive or spam Abuse yield to avoid condition in loop I agree that my answer was not very useful and I accept the downvotes. I would even consider ...
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How to appeal a closed question? [duplicate]

I have a question on Super User that was closed as an exact duplicate. In my opinion this is in error, the other question is similar in that they both revolve around the presence or lack of the same ...
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Is there a way to appeal "status-bydesign" decisions?

I've run into a few cases in which bug reports were closed as status-bydesign where I really feel that the design process should be rethought. Is there a way to say, I understand you think this is ...
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