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For questions about experimental features on Stack Exchange, i.e. things that the developers aren't sure of whether and/or how to implement.

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AI/ML Tool examples part 3 - Title-Drafting Assistant

This is the third in a series of posts that we’re using to show (broadly, directionally) some of the potential use cases for generative AI in the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange environment.  ...
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Technical site integration observational experiment live on Stack Overflow

Final Update (2020-4-22): This experiment has concluded and is now turned off. Thanks for your feedback. We have just made an observational experiment live on Stack Overflow that will test out three ...
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A/B testing the sticky vote controls [closed]

First, apologies for not creating this feedback thread earlier - in hindsight, a change to such an established feature of our sites really does warrant some explanation. We're running an A/B test on ...
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Feedback Request: Newer Timeline Question View [closed]

Back in January I asked for feedback on a new, experimental "timeline" question view. We have finally come back to improve this view. We tried to incorporate most of the feedback from the previous ...
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Feedback Request: New Timeline Question View [closed]

There is an experimental timeline view for questions now available on meta ONLY! (Now working on SO, SF, and SU as well) This is partially motivated by comments about how difficult it is to follow ...
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