In my question Clicking on a Tag Searches the Wrong Tag in Android App there are three bullet points and the first contains tags to the meta site (using this format: Tags).

In the Android app, when I click on one of those tags (outlined in red in the screenshot below) the app just closes. It doesn't crash or throw any error message, just closes.

tags markdown

Kasra stated in a comment on the post above that the app does not close for him, but the tags don't do anything.

If I may offer a suggestion as well, could the formatted tags in questions (those outlined in the screenshot) be displayed similar to the way they are below the questions in the app instead of a URL style?

I'm on version 0.1.72


As of v1.0.83or somewhere before that, it has been fixed: tapping the link on the post will search questions on the same site containing that tag.

tag link searching questions on the same site containing tag

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