I don't get the point of . Nearly all posts with that tag are humorous and unnecessary or necessary, constructive, but have nothing to do with them. Also, from their tag wiki: Waffles are supreme. That is all.

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    See The Many Memes of Meta Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 16:54
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    What kind of monster burns waffles?
    – Tim Stone
    Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 16:54
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    And there even legitimate uses of the tag. But mostly, because fun is allowed here. Lets not destroy that culture. Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 16:56
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    @TimStone inexperienced cooks, who just don't know how to make it right?
    – gnat
    Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 17:15
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    – Doorknob
    Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 19:04
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    @MartijnPieters Wait; what? Fun is allowed here, and no one told me!?!?! (And by 'here', you mean "The Stack Exchange Network", right?) Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 20:21
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    @Andrew'saUnitato Yay! Beautiful forest, isn't it? 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲‌​‌​🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲
    – nicael
    Commented Jun 25, 2014 at 14:17
  • @MartijnPieters "Legitimate uses"? So now we have a tag over every users' name?
    – Cilan
    Commented Jun 25, 2014 at 17:02
  • @TheWobbuffet: I present to you: The keyboard-waffle-maker. Commented Jun 25, 2014 at 21:42

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Waffles shall never be burninated, because they stand for all that is lovely and delicious, and without them, MSO would not be lovely (or delicious).

If you didn't know this yet, SE's servers run on waffles. Tons of them, every day, are swallowed up via the disk drives into the servers, where they are converted into webpages like this very one. Waffles are vital to this website.

Seriously, though, it's the fun part of SE that many of us are working hard to create that is what the waffles tag stands for. Although some fun may be inappropriate, the waffles tag is harmless and isn't hurting anyone. So just roll with it- if you don't like waffles, don't worry about it. They don't really like you either.


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