The first time visiting a stack with the new follow mechanic, you get the "Get updates on questions and answers" popup.

If the "follow" link is clicked, there is strange behavior. Clicking the X on the "get updates" popup closes the "unfollow" popup and the "get updates" popup will not go away.

The workaround here is a page refresh, which will clear the "get updates" popup.

follow bug

I'm using Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit) for Windows 10.

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    @Bitter you might be thinking of Get updates on questions and answers pop up can no longer be dismissed by clicking the X, which does look like the same issue. But they don't have the steps to reproduce. I'm guessing they clicked "follow" like I did at first and ran into the issue. But then on another site they just clicked the X and called it fixed. – scohe001 Apr 3 at 16:26
  • When I wrote that yesterday, I had no idea if I pressed the follow button first or not but it seems a safe bet it is the same issue. – Mark Kirby Apr 3 at 18:31

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