The title covers the question - the "2020: a year in moderation" posts that JNat ♦ has kindly posted all follow a template which appears to be of the form:

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have [a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the past 12 months](https://stackoverflow.com/search?q="year+in+moderation"+is%3Aquestion).

Note that the URL results in a search query that searches the main site, not the Meta site, for questions called "year in moderation".

Looking at the first ten Stack Exchange sites ordered by traffic:

It is still broken:

It is fixed:

I'm assuming this was done at least in part with some kind of tool as 169 of these questions were posted between 18:09:21 and 20:07:53 (an average of 42 seconds per post) - so haven't checked any of the other 159 questions.

Is it possible to automatically fix the links? I would suggest edits to fix them but (a) I don't have 2000 reputation points on most sites so I get "Suggested edits are not allowed on non-tag-wiki posts on meta sites.", and (b) there are many of them and I'm assuming it would be possible to not have to do it manually.


As Catija noted here, these were all posted using a script that can also be used to mass edit them — I ran it this morning, and just checked that all posts should now be pointing to the right place.

  • Did you also update the script to ensure that the correct links will be generated when posting next year? :-) – Cody Gray Jan 22 at 7:16
  • As long as the right variable is used next time the links should be fine, yup ^_^ – JNat Jan 22 at 10:14

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