Recently the mod label got a darker coloured border, as to better set it apart from the blue background that is used on a usercard when one is the OP. As was requested in this answer.

This leaves a bit of a discrepancy between the staff and mod labels, with one having a darker border than the other.

Screenshot of a comment by Yaakov Ellis who has both a staff and a mod badge. The mod badge has a darker border than the staff badge comparatively.

Looking at the CSS there is a small difference. Both border colours use a value of [colour]-200, but the backgrounds use a value of [colour]-100 for the orange colour, and the blue uses [colour]-075. For the orange colour a value of orange-075 doesn't exist, but this could explain the difference in contrast. Increasing the border colour of the orange from -200 to -300 looks better I think.


Coincidentally, we had this same discussion internally today and I came to the same conclusion that you did. We've tweaked this upstream in our Stacks design library. This will land network-wide soon (tomorrow-ish), so I'm going to go ahead and mark as instead of so I don't forget to come back and edit this post later.

  • Looks like it is pushed by now. Looks great!
    – Luuklag
    Sep 1 at 4:59

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