We have got 2 reports in math.SE that some users below 100 reputation cannot post any answers or questions. They keep receiving

Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: users with less than 100 reputation can only post questions every X minutes; try again later.

(X = 3 or 20), even if they have waited long enough or not asked any questions before. One user, Pierre-Yves Gaillard, tried to post a question at here, but also failed with the same message.


Apologies for the inconvenience, this was indeed a bug on our end.

Fix should now be deployed.

  • The user is able to post answers now. Thanks.
    – kennytm
    Aug 21 '10 at 19:58
  • Awesome, thanks Jeff.
    – kenn
    Aug 23 '10 at 19:37

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