In the Atom feed, any HTML special characters need to be double-encoded.

For example, this item appeared in an Atom feed recently: <kbd> elements are way intrusive

In the Atom feed the title was encoded as:

<title type="html">&lt;kbd&gt; elements are way intrusive</title>

This actually needs to be double-encoded, i.e.:

<title type="html">&amp;lt;kbd&amp;gt; elements are way intrusive</title>

On Google Reader and on Firefox, it thought an actual kbd tag was there, and in both cases it was stripped out (so the title actually read "elements are way intrusive").


Alternately, SO could probably just use type="text" for the titles... AFAIK, the site doesn't allow HTML in them anyway!

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    ok, I switched to type="text" for the titles – Jeff Atwood Jul 22 '09 at 8:29

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