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Why am I getting the message "You've failed too many recent review audits"? [duplicate]

Today I clicked on Review and saw the message below. You've failed too many recent review audits - looks like you might need a break. Come back in in 7 days and try again. Why does this type of ...
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Failed a Reopen Question audit — sure looks like "Not a real question" to me [duplicate]

I just failed this audit here, which was shown as being closed as "Not a real question". Seeing as the vote count was positive, I figured it was an audit, but I selected "Leave Closed" anyways ...
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Why is this question a test in "reopen votes" [duplicate]

So here we have following question: Which has: - no edit visible in review - no comments indicating that there is any discussion about question value ...
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What is the aftermath of not passing the review tests? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why was I told, “Congratulations, this was only a test” when reviewing? I've noticed that while browsing the reviews tasks, sometimes a fake answer/question appears to test ...
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SO review potential anomalies [duplicate]

Went to do some reviewing on SO and one of the "first answers" that came up to review had no username showing and incorrect number of votes (0 instead of 11). It was also not the user's first ...
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Apparent moderator script vandalizes post [duplicate]

This edit was apparently done by a moderator user named "Community" and appears to be robot vandalism. I can T written ints 1 ...
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Use review test questions to better train reviewers [duplicate]

After reading What could be done to stop code formatting misuse? and BoltClock's hilarious Reject an already-approved suggested edit when rolling it back, there seems to be a consensus that bad ...
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Is there something wrong with 'Community'? [duplicate]

I was reviewing some edits when I came across this edit by Community (you know, this 1 reputation moderator NPC acccount). It seems to be spam: P.S.: I tagged this 'support' because I didn't think ...
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Which sites currently have review-audits? [duplicate]

Some sites have review audits, and some don't. Which ones currently do and what is the criteria for activating this feature?
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review section I think has a bug [duplicate]

Sometimes in review section Stack Overflow tests us to find out that we are paying attention or not. We can pass this test by clicking 'flag' if it says congratulation it is a test if it does not say ...
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Very old question in the Close Votes review queue [duplicate]

I came upon this close votes review just now: But as it turns out, this question was closed, and deleted, two weeks ago. Then why would it show up in ...
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failing review audit [duplicate]

I've just had a review audit and failed it. I wanted to downvote it and then comment, since I had seen that exact question awhile ago, and the answer I had to review was mentioning the exact same ...
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Another bad (really bad!) close review audit [duplicate]

When this question came up in the review queue I was certain it was an audit verifying I would close it as Off topic: asking to recommend a favorite tool, library, offsite resource, whatever.. Turns ...
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Why was this deleted 'first answer' in the first post review queue today? [duplicate]

I just picked a 'first answer' to review (, and I'm puzzled. When I go to the question (How to correctly export Weight and Bias value of ...
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Hide comments in audits [duplicate]

As shown, there is a comment which said, "Repeat Spammer. Flagged as spam." But the answer was posted few days ago, so this would have been deleted. So I immediately knew that this was an ...
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